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Tent People

On the occasion of a grandson’s birthday, he received a new tent. The same afternoon, it was set up and all the kids were quick to have fun with it. When the camera appeared, they all wanted to “show their … Continue reading

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This fence is found at the George Nakashima furniture gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  The doors have become misaligned over time, but it appears that the wooden beam will continue to secure the gate a good while yet.   Share … Continue reading

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George W. (in the bush)

This statue of George Washington seems almost out of place.  It appears along a forest pathway within the Winterthur estate in Delaware.  This rendering of our American hero seems to lack the dignity characteristic of famous portraits.  Also, his arm … Continue reading

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Photography & Reality

Croposis:  a disease rampant among photographers.  One might argue that the top of the image and perhaps a bit of the right side could be cropped away to remove extraneous detail in the background.  For me personally, the background gives … Continue reading

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Just a photo of a friend and his dog. Bill was an excellent musician and performed with me in an early music consort. He played violin, gamba, drums, and had a nice baritone voice as well. The dog was a … Continue reading

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An Independent Voice

The ground is sprouting political signs these days —  a reminder that election day is drawing near.  These candidates are appealing  to the residents of South Brunswick for their vote. One of these candidates is a frequent visitor to this … Continue reading

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I was fascinated with the root system on this tree. So I set up a Tachihara 4×5 view camera and inserted a holder loaded with Fuji Velvia. However, the image on the ground glass lacked “oomph”.  I asked my hiking … Continue reading

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The General Store

One doesn’t find too many general stores left in New Jersey.  Today, I and a friend, Bob Tracy, stopped at one while cruising around Chatsworth, New Jersey.  It is the historic Buzby’s General Store, established in 1865.  It remained in … Continue reading

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Dreshler-Morris House

Meet John Burkhalter.  John is a fine musician and independent scholar. He has an ancestral connection to the Dreshler-Morris house in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Both he and I share a common interest in 17th - 18th century colonial music. Owing to that, … Continue reading

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