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It frequently happens that kitchenware or prepared foods have photographic appeal.  For example, one day I made scones in a cast iron pan having wedge-shaped sections.  The baked scones were placed on a hot pad having woven circles around the … Continue reading

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Looming Figure

This utility pole along Perrine Road near Monmouth Jct. has a rather ominous appearance.  It looks like a gigantic looming figure – a mishapen man with three arms perhaps. I feel sorry for the maintenance crew assigned to clean up … Continue reading

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Dolphin Quest

I was fortunate to see this display as it lies within the Bermuda Maritime History Museum’s surrounding fortification.  Only the people in the pool are allowed to play with the dolphin because, of course, they paid for the privilege.  No … Continue reading

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Power Quest

This scene presents itself outside of the strip mall at the center of Dayton NJ.  The demand for power and information in one form or another is increasing at an exponential rate.  It amazes me that technicians can make sense … Continue reading

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Path to Nowhere

I find these stone pathways amusing.  Actually, they are clever drainage  conduits to allow rainwater to seep away from the blacktop walking path around the perimeter of my development.  To me, they look like little exit and entry points for … Continue reading

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I was trying out a new Nikon digital compact camera, model S9300.  I came across this “classic” scene – park bench and shadows.  This is a bit of cliché in the photographer’s lexicon, but certainly worthy subject matter for a test … Continue reading

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Toronto has an attractive skyline.  I was able to see a portion of it last year when I visited a friend from my former work unit.  His current apartment takes in a very nice view of the city and the … Continue reading

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After a recent concert engagement, I visited Winterthur with a friend. It’s a beautiful estate located in the Brandywine area of Delaware. Many flower beds contribute to the beauty of the grounds. Here we see a lovely variety of peony. … Continue reading

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foto © Donovan Klotzbeacher This possibly appears to be a random photo of a semi-scenic river.  Actually it is the American River where Sutter’s Mill once stood.  It was precisely here that gold was discovered in 1848 by James W. … Continue reading

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Dreshler-Morris House

Meet John Burkhalter.  John is a fine musician and independent scholar. He has an ancestral connection to the Dreshler-Morris house in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Both he and I share a common interest in 17th - 18th century colonial music. Owing to that, … Continue reading

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