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This is Dark Hollow Falls in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.  Seeing it requires a downhill hike from the trailhead adjacent to the roadway.  Dawn and I decided we’d better start doing workouts on the treadmill after we found this hike … Continue reading

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Just a photo of a friend and his dog. Bill was an excellent musician and performed with me in an early music consort. He played violin, gamba, drums, and had a nice baritone voice as well. The dog was a … Continue reading

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Di Brizzi’s Lake-Freeze

Frozen custard is one of my favorite desserts.  I bought plenty of it at Di Brizzi’s Lake-Freeze back in the 70s.  It used to be located across from Lake Manalapan in Jamesburg, New Jersey. The ornamental ice cream cone on the … Continue reading

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Requiem – Polaroid Film

I always enjoyed working with Polaroid Type 52 film. It seemed to me to be the front-runner in an outstanding lineup of films offered by the Polaroid Corporation. The panchromatic print that it offered was consistently outstanding.  I often used … Continue reading

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I was fascinated with the root system on this tree. So I set up a Tachihara 4×5 view camera and inserted a holder loaded with Fuji Velvia. However, the image on the ground glass lacked “oomph”.  I asked my hiking … Continue reading

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Save the Barns

Many old and venerable buildings have bit the dust. I’m not sure if this barn in Middlebush exists anymore. Considerable effort was made to save Hageman house and barns in the same general area. I took this photograph back in March of 1976. At … Continue reading

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Film vs. Digital – the early days

While driving along in Vermont, I saw a rather pretty view and decided to stop and take a picture. It was the late nineties and I was experimenting with a recently-acquired Agfa digital camera.  At the time, it only boasted about … Continue reading

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Chamberlain & Barclay

For years, Chamberlain & Barclay has been supplying local farmers with mixed fertilizer products. The warehouse has weathered greatly but the business continues. It is actually located outside of town at Cranbury Station, a railroad landmark. Wisner Technical Field Camera, … Continue reading

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Pursuing the Muse

This blog is dedicated to my photographic pursuits. Just yesterday, I was looking through some 4×5 chromes and came across a picture taken during magnolia season at Princeton University.  It was taken in April 1978 and still looks surprisingly good.  … Continue reading

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