Brainerd Lake, Cranbury NJLandmark (Brainerd Lake, Cranbury NJ)

foto © Don Klotzbeacher

OK, if you live around here, you’ve passed this scene hundreds of times.  So what is the object under the tree in the foreground?

It was “presented” in 1907 by the WCTU.  So, what do the letters W-C-T-U stand for? And who is it in memory of?

The blossoming trees at the center of Cranbury are very attractive in the Spring.

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2 Responses to Quiz

  1. Jean D. says:

    Aha!! Women’s Christian Temperance Union and, if I am not mistaken, it is a watering trough for horses or fountain for people. (Most of the time I’ve heard this one was for horses.)

    Opposed to alcoholic beverages and saloons, the WCTU set up such fountains in towns, often near saloons, to encourage people to drink water instead of whiskey. I think the horse troughs were often a part of the human fountains and some had a place for dogs to drink as well.

    With a bit of research, I found this website: http://www.wctu.org/fountains.html
    Cranbury’s fountain is listed as one of only 4 in New Jersey. Cool.

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